Samsi - Fine Japanese Cuisine
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4 Warham St,
Wilmslow, Cheshire
Tel: 01625 548227


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Samsi - Fine Japanese Cuisine

Samsi Wilmslow - Lunch

Quick Bento lunchbox

Pork Katsu Curry £6.95
Chicken Katsu Curry £6.95
Vegetarian Katsu Curry £6.95
Yakitori Chicken Skewer £6.95
Teriyaki Ginger Veg £6.95
Teriyaki Salmon Skewer £7.95

Popular Lunchboxes

Karage Chicken £6.95
Vegetable Tempura £6.95
Mixed Tempura £7.95
Shichimi Steak £7.90

Luxury O-bento
Starter and main course, served with 2 pieces of Sushi or 4 pieces of Norimaki

Karage Chicken, Shichimi Chicken Breast £8.95
Mixed Tempura, Shichimi Steak £8.95
Vegetable Katsu Curry, Vegetarian Tempura and Gyoza £8.95
Karage Chicken, Mixed Tempura, Teriyaki Salmon £9.95
Seafood Gyoza, Mixed Tempura and Katsu Prawn Curry £10.95

Deluxe Bento
Starter and main course, served with 4 pieces of Sushi or 8 pieces of Norimaki

Karage Chicken, Chicken Gyoza and Shichimi Chicken Breast £12.95
Mixed Tempura, Karage Chicken, Yakitori Chicken and Shichimi Steak £14.95
Seafood Tempura, Seafood Gyoza, Seafood Teriyaki £14.95

Samsi Wilmslow

Samsi Wilmslow

Samsi Wilmslow
Samsi celebrates it's 18th birthday. Wilmslow has a refurb to celebrate. 
After 18 years in business, authentic Japanese restaurant Samsi proves
exquisite taste and service are always in style in Wilmslow

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